Commentary: The French Revolution, Part 7

Having covered Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, the next item to discuss is Civil Constitution of the Clergy. There is no other way to say this, this constitution is a bald attack on religion. All those philosophies we talked about, “clean slate”. Looks like it is just a facade to eliminate God from the public space.

The Constitution comes in 4 Titles. See the schematic above to see where we are in the timeline. The language is so wordy and so repetitive, that I will summarize for you.

Title 1: The Catholic Church is now a department of the State. Priests and bishops are now state employees. No one can take orders from the Pope.

Title 2: Priests and bishops are no longer appointed by the Church; rather, elected by the people.

Title 3: All clergy will be provided a salary and housing; although any housing repairs will be the duty of the priest, even for existing damage. The priest does get paid, but not for the religious services that he provides – those are for free.

Title 4: Clergy must live and stay in their district. They may also be elected to public office.

I have always feared the French Revolution. We first studied it in high school. The films and documentaries we saw showed pictures and skits of people being horribly executed. In 1976, that possibility in America seemed pretty remote. Over the years, however, I kept an eye on the horizon and tried to read the cryptic warnings written in the clouds. I was looking for early indicators of this coming event. Every year I saw the safeguards slowly break and fall away. I think now is the time to get concerned – there is no more grace period.

Let us get one thing straight: what the French are proposing is Communism. This always happens with Leftist groups: In the USSR, the head of the Orthodox Church was also a General in the KGB; and in China, the Catholic Church is operated by the Chinese government, not Rome.

As I said in earlier posts, I know a lot more about Texas and Latin American history. When reading these history books, I was not looking for the word “Communist”. I was looking for patterns. The leftist groups that took over Mexico in the 1800s and the one that took over Spain during the 1900s follow the same pattern. First they ban the Church, then the mass executions start. It is the same historical pattern all over the world. I think now is the time to get concerned.

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