Commentary: White House Press Secretary Will “Circle Back”

I have been watching Jen Psaki for a few months now. I cannot believe how many times she will say something like “I need to circle back with you” or “We are the White House, not Border Patrol. Go ask them”. This is highly unusual. I have never seen anyone in that job with this type of complete lack of personal responsibility.

I have been tracking politics since I was 11 years old, but the first Press Secretary that I can remember is Larry Speaks, in 1981. Over the years, I did not pay too much attention to these guys because i saw them as “suckers”, being sent to a job where you just cannot win – sort of like “The Ball Turret Gunner”. But what I do remember, is that White House press conferences were a “brawl”. To be honest, I felt sorry for them. They were constantly being replaced.

I really started watching the White House Press Secretary starting with Sean Spicer, then moved to Sarah Huckabee Sanders, then finally Kayleigh McEnany. Ok, these folks got beat up; but they did fight back, and made a pretty darn good effort to present the formal position of the White House despite the vicious criticism.

What a difference a day makes. Today, Jen Psaki’s answer to most questions is essentially, “I don’t know”. What really disturbs me is that she is unmoved by the fact that the whole world can see that she is incompetent.

What I propose is that the press get together and boycott Psaki’s press conferences. If she is going to just sit there and stone wall the process, then she can speak to an empty room and listen to herself. I say this because she is not saying anything. Media companies are just wasting money and time listening to her.

I want you to keep something in mind. This is typical of left wing, authoritarian governments. “We are in power and there is nothing that you can do about it”. Please watch a short video clip of Jen in action below given.

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