Baseball Double Header At Rice University, Northern Illinois And Kansas State Come To Play, 3/13/2021

It was an exciting day last Saturday at Rice University, Reckling Park. The sun was blazing yet the air was cool and dry. One of the things that I really like about outdoor sport events at Rice is the looming images of sky scrappers in the background. I attended college at Cornell College in Iowa and Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. Both are out in the middle of nowhere and at night you can hear that lonesome train whistle. So going to an urban event is a very nice change for me.

First up at 2pm was Kansas State. Kansas State won 8 -3. Next came Northern Illinois at a little after 6pm. Rice won 4 – 1.

As far as reporting on the action, there is not a whole lot to report. I will tell you why. The games were very evenly matched. Both teams seem to have some weakness in their pitching programs. In both games, there were a couple of home runs. On both sides, the pitches sometimes would hit the ground in front of the batter and caused the catcher to lose control of the ball. That would result in stolen bases. Aside from a few home runs, most hits where infield grounders or pop up flys. I was really hoping to see some center field drives – sending the outfield scrambling to compensate.

Unfortunately, although Governor Abbott removed the mask mandate, Rice still has it in place. Apparently, the State cannot impose a mask, but private entities can. There were quite a bit of seats tapped off to enhance social distancing. But, I did get to meet former Astro great Jose Cruz at the game. He was there to see his grandson, Antonio Cruz, who was playing for Rice.

Overall, it was a great time to be out in the sun, fresh air, and meet up with some old acquaintances. The next double header is this Saturday. Be there!!!

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