America’s Fronline Doctors Organizer, Simone Gold, Arrested In Connection With Capitol Protest

I really like Simone Gold.  She studied medicine in Chicago before moving to Stanford for a law degree.  I lived in Chicago for about 8 years and her manner of speech simply resonates with me.
Does this look like a dangerous woman to you?

Below, is the data that I could get from the Department of Justice.  I sincerely doubt that she busted any windows and stormed the Capitol.  I am inclined to think that she was simply caught up in the excitement of the moment and was just trying to make their voice heard.  Time will tell.

GOLD, Simone MelissaRestricted Building or Grounds; Violent Entry and Disorderly ConductStrand Gold – Affidavit Strand Gold – ComplaintCentral District of CaliforniaArrested 1/18/21 in the Central District of California Released on conditions. Virtual hearing in federal court in the District of Columbia on 1/21/21 at 1:00pm.1/21/2021

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