Victor Hanson Compares Democratic Party To Revolutionaries, 1/10/2021

Victor Hanson was speaking on a show called “The Wise Guys”. He says that the Democratic Party is essentially a revolutionary group because their aim is to change the Constitution and structurally change the traditional way that government has done business. Here are some of his points.

  • Ban Filibuster, the filibuster is not in the Constitution but it is an established procedure in government
  • Court Packing, what he means is the Democrats want to expand the court to, I believe, 12 so that Biden can nominate more liberal judges
  • Puerto Rico, the Democrats want to make liberal territories like Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia states; thus gaining a majority in the Senate
  • Electoral College, this is in the constitution, demolish this and elections become based on the popular vote, which means that liberal cities like Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Houston can swing an election; and states with low populations are marginalized
  • National Voting Law, I am not sure about this one but I think he is referring to things like utilizing electronic voting and mail-in voting for all, the problem with this is verifying the voter and his signature

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