CNBC Reports Today That Energy Will Be A Hot Market In 2021

CNBC states that options traders are betting on energy being a good bet in 2021. The problem I have is that I agree but I do not see any metrics confirming such a belief. Option trading is speculative. Without any fundamentals, then such a thing is speculation; and that usually leads to a stock bubble, typically ending in a terrible crash.

I do believe that energy will rebound in 2021 but only because big business is tired of playing this coronavirus lockdown game. All of the little guys have been crushed leaving the field open for all the big guys to come in and make huge profits with no competition. All you have to do is just stop playing games with social distancing. Open up the restaurants, football games, night clubs, basketball games, restaurants, rock concerts and people will need gasoline to get where they are going and electricity for lighting their events.

You can read the full article here:

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