Hose + Coupling World Americas Conference & Expo 2020 Concludes, 12/8/2020

The Hose and Coupling World Americas Conference concludes at the Royal Sonesta Hotel on Dec 8. The program included presentations, workshops, and exhibitions. The two day meeting began on Dec 7. It was well attended and overwhelmingly successful online with 100s of viewers joining the discussion.

One presentation that stuck out in my mind was from the conference organizer, KCI – World. Davi Correia, a former PetroBras employee, gave us a talk entitled, “Introducing Management of Change”. This was a very good discussion outlining the important and rigorous steps involved when making a change to your process. There was also some explanation regarding HazOps.

Another interesting talk came from Hose Master Sales Manager, Chris Dionisio regarding flanged hoses. Chris highlighted the fact that flanged hoses are used for larger diameters. He pointed out that although the hose is weaved metal, it can conform to any pipe specifications relating to the other pipe in the system as regards design pressure, flange types, metallurgy, etc.

Although Hose and Coupling World has ended, today opens two other conferences at the Royal Sonesta: Heat Exchanger World and Fugitive Emissions. Come and join us.

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