This Is The Story Of A Johnny Rotten: Neil Young Ends Copyright Suit Against Donald Trump

Article From The Hollywood Reporter

With Donald Trump losing the 2020 presidential election, singer-songwriter Neil Young has decided not to pursue him any longer in court over the playing of “Rockin’ in the Free World” and “Devil’s Sidewalk” at a campaign rally. On Monday, papers were filed that dismissed the copyright case.

Believe It Or Not, Donald Trump Just Spectacularly Owned Neil Young

Young filed suit back in August with the allegation that Trump’s campaign lacked a performance license. The complaint was the culmination of years of dissatisfaction by Young over Trump’s use of his music. Notably, Young almost sued back in 2016 but ended up not doing so after being told that the campaign venues had obtained public performance licenses from ASCAP and BMI. After these PROs attempted to limit political uses of music, songwriters have flooded Trump’s campaign with objections. The suit had the potential of deciding the legality of BMI’s move as well as clarify copyright standards.

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