Rudy Giuliani Removes Sidney Powell From The Trump Election Fraud Investigation Legal Team

I really like Sidney Powell. She is a Southerner and she speaks to me. The tone that rings in her voice communicates to me in a way that I understand. I can tell that she is one of us and that she believes in what we believe. Growing up in the South, all I ever heard from my fellow citizens was dismay at knowing that those colleges up North are offering courses in Communism 101.

About — Sidney PowellLast week, Rudy Giuliani assembled the Trump legal team, which included Sidney Powell, and revealed some information they have about fraud in the 2020 election. This week, however, Giuliani issued a statement that Powell is not on the legal team. I have not been able to find the statement on the internet; but, the news agencies are saying that she was booted because of her statements alluding to a communist conspiracy in our nation.

Powell’s statements on such matters may seem strange to folks in Chicago or New York City; yet to those living in the Former Confederate States of America, remarks like that are not alien at all. The bible belt is in the South and any ideology that wants to ban religion is highly suspect.

Now let us turn to the significance of Powell being ejected from the Trump legal team. First of all, Powell gets results. She kept Michael Flynn out of jail in the Russian Collusion investigation, even after Flynn had already pleaded guilty. I call that “results” and some pretty good work as a lawyer.

Secondly, Giuliani, on the one hand, is a good lawyer and has done a good job at protecting the President; but on the other hand, he has not really nailed any hard results lately. He advised the president during Trump’s investigation in to Joe Biden and corruption in the Ukraine. What was the net result? Trump got impeached and Biden won the Democratic nomination. Giuliani also advised the president on the Russian Collusion case. What was the net result? The president was protected but staff members like Flynn went down in flames.

I am really at a crossroads right now. I cannot understand why Giuliani does not want a pit bull like Powell on his side. She is a Southerner, I know what she is feeling, and I know what she is saying. Powell gets results and we need her. What has the world come to?

Below is a video summarizing the statements that Powell made at the press conference last week.

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