Commentary: Why Is A COVID-19 Vaccine Important?

I am writing this article more for me than to really present a commentary. I have got questions about this new vaccine announced by Pfizer this week. Unfortunately, I do not see anyone, anywhere, talking about the important issue staring us in the face.

Republicans and Democrats have both been pushing for a vaccine. I am a Trump supporter and I am happy that he has been successful on this issue. My doubts regrettably are going to cast some bad light on everyone, on the left and the right – unless someone can show me the error of my ways.

Firstly, COVID is a form of the flu. Every year the flu vaccine must be reformulated because viruses mutate. This is true for the common cold too, although, the cold is based on bacteria – at least, that is what I understand. The common flu vaccine is actually a cocktail of vaccines because there are a bunch of different types of flu viruses floating around out there – they mutate.

If we have another outbreak of COVID, it is going to be COVID-20, not COVID-19. This is especially true when people realize that this LOCKDOWN cannot continue. We have to get out there and get things moving along.

What is so special about this virus that it took so long for a vaccine to be found? Usually a flu vaccine is ready early in the flu season. I believe we are in that season right now. Another outbreak will make COVID-19 appear small in our rearview mirror; because, if it happens, the next one will be COVID-20, a whole different animal.

This whole pandemic is being so mismanaged; yet, I am not going to prognosticate. I shutter to think of what may be coming. I would love to hear feedback.

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