President Donald Trump & Vice President Mike Pence Election Night Remarks

At 1am on Nov 4, 2020, I declared a victory for Donald Trump in the elections via an article. When I woke up that morning, I saw that suddenly Michigan and Wisconsin had flipped for Biden. Voting had also shifted in Biden’s favor in Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Georgia.

In some cases, at 1am, Trump had a 10% lead with 60% to 80% of the vote in. I have been watching elections since 1972, 11 years old. Never have I ever seen anything like this. 30 years ago, if a candidate had a substantial lead with as much as 20% of the vote in, that state was called for him. I smell a rat.

For most of the evening, the results were pouring in consistently. Suddenly, around midnight, Houston time, the results just stopped. That pause gave me time to write the article. When I submitted the article at 1am, I now see Trump give this speech on TV.

Trump also noticed that things had abruptly stopped. He remarks that now is the time that “missing” votes are going to be found and added to the tally. When I woke in the morning, I see on TV that counting machines had mysteriously broken down. Boxes of previously overlooked ballots were being found. Election observers were being blocked by sheriffs and mayors from having close access to the ballot counting.

Here take a look at Trump’s speech.

So many mail-in ballots were sent out to people, not even checking if those people were citizens; and the security around collecting the ballots had been reduced to such a low level, that no one should be surprised that we now have a constitutional crises. I am not surprised, I am just disappointed that it actually happened.

This situation was easy to predict. Why did our leaders let this happen? How much more can we Americans take?

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