Article From Bloomberg: Shell to Shut Louisiana Refinery After Failing to Find a Buyer, 11/6/2020

Royal Dutch Shell Plc will begin shutting its Convent refinery in south Louisiana mid-month while it continues to seek a buyer for the facility, part of a plan to reduce its global sites and focus on combined oil refining and chemical plants.a factory next to a body of water: A Motiva Enterprises LLC oil refinery sits idle in shutdown mode after losing power during Hurricane Gustav in Convent, Louisiana, U.S., on Tuesday, Sept. 2, 2008. Motiva Enterprises LLC, the U.S. refining venture of Royal Dutch Shell Plc and Saudi Aramco, said damage to the plant's electrical system may delay the restart by more than a week.

With global demand and profits stung by the spread of Covid-19, the shutdown of 53-year-old Convent, which has about 675 employees, is part of Shell’s larger strategy to shrink its portfolio to six facilities from 14 by 2025, Shell said in a statement. The remaining sites will have integrated oil refineries and chemical plants.

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