Houston Energy Industry News Predicts Trump Victory, 11/4/2020

It is 1am in Houston, Texas. I am following the elections on Bloomberg because at least they interview experts out in the field and do not sit with a squad of fellow journalists who know nothing about politics other than how to report it.

In any case, here is the situation at 1am, Houston time. Note that Bloomberg is reporting results per Associated Press which apparently is the authority in these types of situations regarding elections.

Trump needs about 60 votes to win. I think he has it. Here is why. Assume he wins the following states:

  • MI with 16 electoral votes
  • WI with 10 electoral votes
  • PA with 20 electoral votes
  • GA with 16 electoral votes

That is 62 votes, giving Trump overall 274 votes. Trump wins the election. Below I will show you what Bloomberg is reporting, as regard these 4 states.

Note that the above Figures do not even count votes from North Carolina, Nebraska, Arizona, nor Nevada. It is pretty much over and now I can have some food and drink and go to sleep. Only thing that can happen now is that Biden contests the election. Hopefully he will be a man and just say, “I will not put our country through a crisis and thus I humbly concede . . . “, blah blah.

Four more years of Trump is much better than 4 years of Big Brother and the Ministry of Truth.

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