Rice Football Defeats Southern Miss, 30-6, 10/31/2020: Trammell, SECRET WEAPON

Although the game was in Mississippi, I still got to watch it on ESPN3. By the way, ESPN3 is a pay per view channel; but it is free on the internet. All you have to do is type the login info that you use for your service provider, and BOOM, it is free.

Here is how I saw the game in a nutshell:

  • The Rice defensive secondary is greatly improved. They shut down the passing game.
  • The passing game for Rice is picking up. QB Mike Collins was able to find a variety of receivers.
  • I saw no big mental errors, Rice appears to really be getting their act together
  • Otoviano got 107 yards in this game and is the established “work horse” back for the Owls.
  • As for Trammell, he is the “secret weapon”. When the defense is least expecting it, just pitch it to WR Trammell, and I can only say one word: “GONE”. Check out Trammell’s performance in the video below.

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