Rice vs Middle Tennessee Football, 34 – 40, The Quadruple Doink, 10/24/2020

Rice University played MTSU on Saturday at Rice Stadium and the video below pretty much sums up the game for Rice in a nutshell. The game was, for the most part, evenly matched throughout the day; but you know Rice, overthinking a problem is their worst enemy. Overthinking is great for research and publishing papers but does not work so well for football.

In summary, all day the scoring was tit-for-tat; then, the game ends with all even at 34 points. In the first OT session, Rice kicker, Riccitelli, attempts a 40 yard field goal to win the game. The kick looks good at first but ends up with a quadruple doink as you see in the video.

In the second OT session, MTSU wins the game with a 14 yard TD run from quarterback O’Hara. The final score is Rice 34 and MTSU 40.

Middle Tennessee0141730640

In this reporter’s opinion, Rice has tremendous potential. The passing game is not strong; however, it appears that Rice has a secret weapon: Trammell. Trammell has a proven record and lots of experience. Rice finally took advantage of that asset in the 4th quarter with a 20 yard TD pass to Trammell making the game Rice 32, MTSU 31. Trammell had a 48 yard catch on the previous play. For the day, he had 2 touchdowns and a 2 point conversion pass reception right after his 20 yard catch..

The greatest area for improvement on the Rice team is the defensive secondary. In the second quarter, MTSU threw 2 bombs, 80 and 66 yards, for touchdowns. This really put a wrecking ball to the Rice game plan.

One bright spot is Rice running back Juma Otoviano. He only had 84 yards in this game; but, when he gets the ball, he makes things happen. I am going to keep my eyes on this guy.

Rice really needs to utilize Trammell and Otoviano this year, although Trammell does have a history of fumbling returns. He did that in this game too. Nevertheless, Rice should use what works and not overthink this.

I overthink things too. Once I was trying to tighten a wire on my car battery. I had to use two wrenches and spent so much time analyzing the problem, that the wrench slipped from my hands, touched both poles, and created a live circuit through the wrench. Thank God that I let go in time. When you overthink stuff, you get the quadruple doink.

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