Commentary: Georg Hegel In Modern Politics

Georg Hegel (born 1770) is a German philosopher who lived about 200 years ago. His theories are very important in our modern day. Although Hegel is a Christian, his ideas have been twisted somewhat, primarily by the political Left.

The most notable figure to use Hegel’s ideas is Karl Marx in the development of Communism. In this article, I am going to use Communism, Socialism, and Democracy interchangeably because Marx uses them interchangeably.

The most important concept that Hegel introduced is that the history of mankind is that of two different ideologies clashing to the point of annihilation. The net product is a fusion of the ideologies. The competing forces are called the “Thesis” and the “Antithesis”. The result is called the “Synthesis”.

Marx applied this idea where the Capitalist and the Worker clash, are destroyed, and what emerges is a worker’s paradise, with no government. Central to this idea is the abolishment of private property; rather, everything is common property. I really got a problem with this part because private property is a fundamental natural human right. Marx established a few more untenable ideas like abolishing God and literally stripping the wealthy of their goods and giving them to the worker. These are some pretty bad ideas.

In our present day, the Democratic Party is beginning to sound more, and more, and more like a vehicle of Communism. I do not think that a lot of people on the Right will disagree with me on this; but, I do believe that the Right is missing something important. What I am referring to is the desire to annihilate the current system and create the “Synthesis”. If you look at what the Democrats are doing, this is their game plan: mail-in ballots, open borders, guaranteed monthly wage, free health care, free education, abolish the police, harass the Right at restaurants and on the street, burn stores, rip down monuments, give driver’s licenses and voting ballots and social services to illegal immigrants.

In Marx’ day, the chess board was clear – black and white, you might say. In today’s world, I see the Antithesis, but I do not see the Thesis. The Left increases the national debt but so does the Right. The Left wants abortion but the Right wants more death penalty (ethically, the death penalty is considered murder if there is a prison system that can guarantee public safety). The Left wants to strip the rich of their wealth and give it to the poor, while the Right refuses to help the homeless because they are supposedly lazy and mentally insane – the right to private property and the right to stay alive are both basic natural human rights.

What you see occurring in our country is synthesis; but, do not know what is being synthesized – I see right and left as the same. However, the annihilation is occurring on both sides: illegal immigration, homelessness, sweetheart political deals, protection for elite corporations that defraud the public with cooked accounting books, sending jobs overseas for kickbacks, using the H1B visa to disable the negotiating power of educated American workers, abolition of religious symbols from our society, and the pollution of our land and air and water.

Oh Karl Marx is alive and well. However, I do not see what is being synthesized. Most of the world is Communist, Socialist, or Democratic. Are these systems really any different from each other? Believe me, they all preach fairness, equality, and liberty; their methods are different, but only superficially. They are all steering towards annihilation. Just look at our streets. Is there any question that the objective is pure destruction without any forethought to an ordered plan? Both Left and Right want to just throw a wrench in the gears and mess it all up.

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