Press Release: Aegion wins corrosion protection contract, 8/31/2020

Aegion’s subsidiary, Corrpro Companies, has been awarded an approximately $6 million contract to deliver cathodic protection services to prevent corrosion on a new pipeline.

The new midstream pipeline is currently being constructed in West Texas.

Corrpro, an Aegion Corporation subsidiary, will design the full cathodic protection system and AC mitigation on more than 965 km of pipeline.

The company will also install and commission the system, as well as provide ongoing corrosion monitoring through close interval surveys to ensure the cathodic protection remains in place with continued effectiveness.

Aegion President and CEO Charles R. Gordon said this is one of Corrpro’s larger project wins in recent years and is the perfect opportunity for the company “to deliver a comprehensive offering of design, engineering, installation, material sales and ongoing pipeline integrity monitoring and remediation.”

“Additionally, teams are able to leverage our recent technology investments through our asset integrity management portal to deliver more value and real-time monitoring capabilities for our client,” he said.

Corrpro has been providing full service cathodic protection solutions for more than 35 years and has been performing AC mitigation for 20 years.

The recent project has already begun and is expected to conclude in the second half of 2021.

For more information visit the Aegion website.

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