Commentary: Mail-In Ballots, This Is The End

Democrats in Washington have been pushing for mail-in ballots in this November’s election. I cannot believe that Trump cannot shut this down. If this happens, I feel it is truly the end of freedom, perhaps not only in America; but the entire world.

The reason I say this is because for decades people have been crying fraud in elections: stuffed ballot boxes, hanging chads, or mail-in ballots that were not counted. One example is Bush-Gore in 2000, when Gore was sure that he was cheated in Florida because his opponent’s brother was Governor of Florida

A second example is Kennedy-Nixon in 1960. Growing up as a teenager in Houston it seemed like everyone took it for granted that Johnson rigged the election for Kennedy by stuffing the ballot box with names of people who had been dead for 100 years or more. When I lived in Chicago, people would publish books about the “4 legged voter”. They were referring to the belief that Mayor Daley would recruit mentally disturbed and skid row people to vote for Kennedy. They would be assigned a handler, and the handler would actually go into the voting booth with the voter and make sure the voter selected Democrat.

So, even when it was all done in person, except for people out of state on business or serving in the military, there was still fraud – or at least great suspicions of fraud. News commentators have mentioned this year that if the Democrats get mail-in voting the way they want, the American people will not know the results of the election for months, if truly ever.

I know the Democrats know this. Thus, it signals to me that they really do not care. The Democrats just want power and they are willing to smash our entire country to get what they want. If things work out for them, I feel this is truly the end. Please listen to the song below.

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