Houston Area College Football Schedule, 2020

COVID-19 has done a Texas Chainsaw Massacre on Houston Area football. Schedules have been slashed, and in my opinion, wrecked. All that is left is a skeleton of a schedule. Here is what we have so far.

Don't Breathe' Helmer Fede Álvarez to Produce 'Texas Chainsaw ...

DateHoustonRice UniversityHouston BaptistTexas Southern
Sep 5PostponedCancelledAt North TexasSpring 2021
Sep 12CancelledCancelledTexas WesleyanSpring 2021
Sep 19At MemphisCancelledAt LA TechSpring 2021
Sep 26North TexasCancelledAt NW StateSpring 2021
Oct 3OpenAt MarshallOpenSpring 2021
Oct 10Tulane (Oct 8)UABPostponedSpring 2021
Oct 17At BYU (Oct 16)OpenPostponedSpring 2021
Oct 24At NavyMiddle TennPostponedSpring 2021
Oct 31UCFAt Southern MissPostponedSpring 2021
Nov 7At CincinnatiUTSAPostponedSpring 2021
Nov 14USFAt LA TechPostponedSpring 2021
Nov 21At SMUAt North TexasPostponedSpring 2021
Nov 28TulsaUTEPN/ASpring 2021

Who has ever heard of conducting the Texas Energy Business without football?

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