Commentary: Who is Dr. Scott Atlas?

Dr. Atlas is a Hoover Institution Fellow and Professor of Medicine at Stanford University.  He is an outspoken critic of COVID-19 lock downs.  President Trump added Atlas to his COViD-19 task force this month.  He is a good addition and I am glad to see him there.  But, who is he?


What I mean is, what is his title?  What is his job description?  Will he replace Fauci and Birx?  Will he move to Washington D.C?  What exactly is his function?  I have searched the news shows and internet for an answer and I cannot find any answers.  I have a feeling that his role is going to be really big but Trump does not want to explicitly reveal that.  I do not blame the president.

This situation reminds me of something.  I never get angry at work.  I do not sign deliverable items to the client unless I am sure it is right.  I try to protect my professional reputation.  I may eat at my desk, but I am still at my desk and not at the mall shopping for 3 hours while I charge the client.

Then you get a supervisor that screams all the time.  Says one thing, then with the next breath contradicts himself.  He asks for my opinion and as I try to respond, I am interrupted by being accused of insubordination.  I think to myself, “Man this guy is getting a bad reputation”.  I meet other guys who have worked with this supervisor and none of the comments are positive, although they are accurate.  Nevertheless, that supervisor ends up staying at the company for 20 years or more, through downturns, pandemics, you name it.

Now as regards Dr. Fauci, Dr. Atlas takes a view to this pandemic that is 180 degrees different from that of Fauci.  Drs all over this country are speaking out against Fauci – some are even losing their jobs and businesses because of their views.  I would say that Fauci is getting a bad professional reputation among his peers.

But does it matter?  No!  Fauci is a lifelong government employee.  Drs all over this country are speaking out against him, but it does not matter.  Fauci keeps repeating the same thing regarding distancing and masks, despite the deafening sound of his critics.  Trump does not even like him and he still cannot get rid of him.  He is a lifelong government employee and as long as he continues to support company policy, he will always have a job.  Professional reputation does not matter so long as you do as you are told.  I hope Dr. Atlas can change that.

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