Video: Frontline Doctors Conference, COVID 19 Fallacies – Hydroxychloroquine Works


  1. I need the Hydroxychloroquine z pac fotmy husband and I. I am 76 years old relatively healthy and my 74 year old husband hospitalized with CoVid pneumonia. Please help me and tell me how I can try to save his life. They are treating him with IV antibiotics and his oxygen.
    Alice & Charles Vanderveer
    1949 cattle drive ct
    Crowley TX 76036
    Charles is hospitalized at Burleson Baylor Emergency hospitalized-no beds anywhere else
    Their phone number:

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    1. I contacted one of the doctors at America’s Frontline Doctors. Here is what they said

      Hello this is Dr Stella Immanuel staff. If someone is already admitted in the hospital we are not able to treat them. If possible please give them if any other way we can help

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