More Commentary On The Washington Redskins

I am from Texas and when I was growing up, Texas only had one very small Indian reservation.  I did not know anything about Indians except what I saw in the John Wayne films.  However, when I  later moved to states like Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, and New York, I began to realize that other states maintain large, large Indian reservations.  From then on, I started to pay closer attention and here is what I found out.


Yes, mistakes were made when the Americas were populated by the European peoples.  Yet some how, I feel that our country has tried, in an ineffective way, to kind of make up for it. What impresses me are all the names that are still in our common parlance.  Here take a look.

  • Seattle,  a chief in the northwest
  • Tuscaloosa, a chief who lived in Alabama, or close to it
  • Tecumseh, a chief in Ohio
  • Pontiac, a chief from the Great Lakes region
  • Wichita, an indian confederation
  • Texas, derived from the Caddo indians
  • Illini, refers to the Illinois confederation of indians
  • Iowa, refers to the Ioway indians that lived in that region

I could go on, but you get my meaning.  I will leave you  with a story.  When I was in graduate school during the 80s, I was friends with a guy from Greece.  He said that his father pressed him to learn German in high school.  I said, “German?  Why?”  He said, “Why not”?  I responded, in WWII they totally destroyed your country.  He retorted, “that was a long time ago.”  I get the feeling that, today, history is repeating itself.

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