Article From Houston Chronicle 7/23/2020: Houston, long a target for Chinese hackers, may face reckoning over consulate closure

I have to admit this article implicitly shows a lot of sympathy for China.  I am not going to point fingers, but our government appears very adamant that our country is severely under attack from Chinese espionage.  The thing I have trouble with is that the majority of people are saying it is cyber espionage.   I do not agree.


Slide 9 of 9: A Chinese flag is flying at the residence of the Chinese consulates Wednesday, July 21,2020, in Houston.


This morning I heard Senator Cotton say in so many words that this crisis is palpable.  Let us face it, there are millions of Chinese working in our country, in some way, with our government, universities, corporations, and research laboratories – not to mention all the small businesses that they own.  When China has so many people here on the ground, why would they have to rely on cyber espionage?

I have worked for many technology firms in the energy industry.  Furthermore, I am aware that many foreign nationals here on visas have access to that information.  Tons of Chinese nationals are doing work in our university and corporate research centers.  They are working on those FCCU, Ethylene, LNG, and Sulfur removal projects.

Although I am no espionage expert, I do know a couple of things.  Firstly, anyone that has access to technology documents can take that information with a camera.  Secondly, if you are physically on site where a computer server is located, then you can compromise that server simply by having physical access to it.  If you can get your hands on that server, it is yours most of the time.

So why would the Chinese need cyber espionage?  If they are here physically with their eyes and hands on the data servers and documents, they have the information already.

Here is the article from the Houston Chronicle:|9




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