Texas GOP Convention, No Doubt, Going Virtual

The Texas GOP petitioned the Texas Supreme Court to overturn Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner’s decision to cancel the GOP State Convention this week.  The GOP announced already that the Mayor’s decision has been upheld by the Supreme Court.  Texas Republicans also noted that they will vote tonight on whether to go virtual.


I heard no discussion of moving the conference to Montgomery County.  So, I guess this is the last word on it.  It appears the entire convention will all be held virtually this week, because the GOP did say that it is going forward as scheduled.

I am very disappointed about this news.  Politics is a an activity that must be palpable.  Over the years, things like Watergate, Iran/Contra, Monica Lewinsky, and other such issues, have soured me on politics.  I have felt this way for decades.  But, going to a political convention puts you in a prime position to talk to real folks about real problems.  I wish that I had not been so sour on politics.  We can get it done if we get involved.

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