Commentary: Kaylynn Williford, a trial bureau chief in the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, resigns over her post on Facebook which only hints opposition to BLM

I smell a rat.  Why would this woman resign, when she broke no laws, did not use profanity, and did not even mention names?  I think it is interesting because this attorney was not fired, she quit.  Her boss, Harris County District Attorney Ogg, however stated, in essence, either you play along or YOU’RE GONE!  Is that were we are now, if you dare to question the status quo then you are a target?

Who are these people?  I say this because I am from this area – born here and raised here.  Being a Hispanic, it was not easy in the 1970s and 80s.  Nevertheless, I was the starting top halfback during my senior year in 5A high school, I had a rock band with my friends from the neighborhood, I was there at the tailgate parties in the park drinking beer, and I hosted the late night poker games –  drinking bourbon and smoking cigars.

I have been writing a series of commentaries about issues like our fellow Houstonian George Floyd, street protests, and the confederate flag.  I am doing this for a reason.  I am from here, SE Texas; and as a chemical engineer, I have been to the hydrocarbon processing units:  oil/gas processing, petroleum refining, petrochemical production, and basic chemicals manufacturing.  The vast majority of the guys out there with their hands on the equipment are from right here in this very geographic area.

I think I can sense the sentiments of the people from this area because they are my people.  During my experience as a process engineer, I have walked to the control room and been invited to have some shrimp gumbo with bread and butter.  I eat it.  If my car is broke down in the parking lot, the operators will come out and get me started again.  I have even received fishing lessons from the guys while sitting in front of a DCS monitor.

Former Houston mayor, Annise Parker, tried to pass some laws that favored – I will just say – “alternative life styles”.  Ministers who preached against it were placed under investigation by the district attorney, via the direction of Mayor Parker.  Her reason being that she was investigating “hate speech”.  It was later revealed that the pastors had taken a survey of the Houston area and found that most residents where sympathetic to a more conservative and family oriented point of view.  Parker left office and the whole matter was just dropped.

I woke up this morning to hear on the news that Lauren Boebert has won a seat in the Colorado State House – she owns Shooters Grill where employees open carry a firearm.  This is interesting since Colorado very often goes Democratic.  Colorado voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016.  Things like this tell me that there is a huge disconnect between the people and the government, corporations, and politicians who flood the mass media with messages that tell us what opinions we have, when we do not have those opinions.

Where I live in rural Texas, free standing, evangelical churches are popping up like bluebonnets.  Everywhere I go, I see things like “Cowboy Church” – I know people that attend that church.  I think people are running from mainstream churches that have supported things like gay clergy and gay marriage.  You may think I am wrong, but I am telling you, I am from here, I know these folks.  In private, they believe in the bible; they have kids, and they want grandkids.

You may ask me, “why does all this matter?”.  I will tell you why.  Most of the production units in the Gulf Coast area are run by operators who are also from the area.  Those units do not operate because KBR and Fluor are such great designers.  They stay afloat daily because the guys who turn the valves make them work.  A production unit is doomed without the complete support of the operators.

Therefore, can our government, corporations, and news media really afford to alienate these good people?  When I hear that alarm whistle at the plant, I AM GONE.  However, very often it is the operators that linger when the railcar explodes, a chlorine gas cloud covers the plant, or the gasoline storage tank is overfilled.

Why would this attorney resign?  It does not make sense.  The views of the people from SE Texas are not being represented.  We cannot afford to lose their support because they are the ones who really make things go in the energy industry.

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