Executive Pay At McDermott International, 2019

McDermott lost $2909 million in 2019.  Executive pay for the top 5 slots is $26.4 million.  I did a little ratio analysis and did not really find anything out of place.  The only glitch might be how much executive pay relates to total administrative costs.  I got about 9%.  Executive pay is typically characterized as overhead.  Unlike me, who is told he is a salaried employee but I still have to turn in a time sheet.  If my time sheet for any week says 30 hours, believe me, I am not getting paid for 40.  If I turn in a time sheet for 50 hours, I still get paid for 40 – because I am salaried.

McDermott Income.png


  • Total Executive Compensation Top 5 Execs:  $26.4 million
  • Compensation relative to Revenue:  0.31%
  • Compensation relative to Costs and Expenses:  0.25%
  • Compensation relative to General and Administrative Costs:  9.3%
  • Compensation relative to Net Loss:  0.91%


McDermott Compensation



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