PPP Loan Checker: Natural Gas Services Group

This is an interesting company.  Here is a description as given by Bloomberg:

Natural Gas Services Group, Inc. manufactures, sells, and rents gas compression and low emissions flare systems. The Company offers compressor rebuild and exchange, parts, flare systems, and other services. Natural Gas Services Group markets its products in the United States.


Apparently, NGSG returned its PPP Loan.  I found this release by Reuters:

Natural Gas Services Group also returned its $4.6 million PPP loan. Its chief executive, Stephen Taylor, said the Midland, Texas-based compression equipment provider had to cut 20% of its workforce after it returned the funds.

Net Income in thousands of dollars,
1st Qtr 2019 2nd Qtr 2019 3rd Qtr 2019 2019 Annual 1st Qtr 2020
357 573 -12,232 -13,864 4,082

I honestly do not know how to interpret these numbers.  What I do know is that most of these companies were in some type of financial trouble before COVID-19 struck.  Another problem is that it looks like these numbers can get revised over time.  I check one number then move ahead a year and the number has been revised.  The difference is not huge but what bothers me is that they are not the same.  I just publish the number per the time frame it was given.

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