Supreme Court Votes Against Trump’s Move To Overturn DACA

The Supreme Court voted today, 5 to 4, to keep DACA in place.  Justice Roberts broke the tie and voted to keep DACA.  Trump is constantly getting stuffed by turn-coat Judges who were appointed by Republican presidents.

Seal of the United States Supreme Court.svg

I remember back when Judge Bork got crucified in the Congress when Reagan nominated him for a place on the Supreme Court.  Generally, I try to forget that nomination because Bork’s humiliation on TV was so horrific.  However, it seems that when something like this happens, the president panics and just throws anyone into that job in an effort to save face after a very public defeat.  “Let’s get this over with before we fall in the polls”.

After Bork, Reagan nominated Kennedy.  As we all know, Kennedy became a hatchet man for the Left. I could not believe this man was appointed by a Republican president.  Bork was already very famous before his nomination; but when Kennedy was nominated, I was like “who?”.

Then comes along George W. Bush, who nominates the family lawyer for a place on the Supreme Court, Harriet Miers.  She did not have the experience, and it was obvious that she was gonna get massacred during the Congressional hearings.  So, she pulled out and Bush nominated Roberts.  Again, I was like “who?”.  Not only that but Bush bumped him up to fill the position of head judge.  I never could figure that one out.  Scalia was the obvious choice to move into that head position.  Bush stepped over Scalia with Roberts, a guy about 20 years younger than Scalia.  That was weird.

So what happened?  We got another turn-coat because the president panicked and did not think it through.  We are going to be paying for the decision to put Roberts on the court for a long time.  He is about 65 years old right now; and with my luck he will live to be 100.

I cannot understand the logic behind having laws against illegal immigration; and yet, allowing illegals to get jobs, buy homes, over use the education and health services of our country.  As an illegal, you cannot legally get government healthcare, get a drivers license,  use the school system, get a job, and most importantly, you cannot VOTE.  In ages past, a person like that was called a SLAVE.  Yet, here we are in America removing confederate statues because the South supported slavery.  This logic is insane.  Personally, I cannot respect a man that knowingly sells himself into slavery.  That is essentially lying down to knowingly get kicked – “thank you sir, may I have another?”.

I live in Texas and Texas likes to talk big about being Republican and conservative.  It is all a lie.  When George W. Bush was Governor he forced the school system to educate the children of illegal aliens.  Then comes Rick Perry as Governor, and he pushed that idea further by forcing our state university system to educate the children of illegal aliens – FOR FREE.  Oh?  I get it.  I was born here so I have to pay, but an illegal gets college for free?  That makes sense.  Illegal aliens get the red carpet while residents in South Texas come home only to find illegals sleeping in their bed.

If America were a person, a psychologist would say that person is INSANE.

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