PPP Loan Checker: Quantum Corporation

Quantum is a company that stores and manages video or video-like data.  This company serves the energy industry.  I found them while searching for PPP loans in the energy sector.  They got $10 million from the government.

I tried to find their net income data and I had a very hard time.  What Quantum says they submitted to the SEC is what I found on the SEC website.  The two sites are consistent but I cannot figure it out.  Tons of legal smoke and mirrors there and I just do not have the background to untangle it.

In any case, below is their net income data for the referenced Qtrs.  I am posting what ever data that I could find.

In thousands of dollars,
1st Qtr 2019 2nd Qtr 2019 3rd Qtr 2019 4th Qtr 2019 1st Qtr 2020
no data -3,807 -2,315 4,749 no data


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