Commentary: Death Of Rayshard Brooks

I want to comment on this issue because I am hoping to get some useful feedback.  I have a number of problems understanding this case.   I watch both CNN and Fox News, two extreme sides, and yet, something just does not compute.  I will put my thoughts in bullet points.


  • Rayshard is asleep in a drive-thru.  So what?  I do not go through long lines at Whataburger because I am afraid of doing the same thing, when fully sober.  Why not just tell him to park it and get yourself together?  He was on private property and the violation was not on a public road.  Furthermore, let me repeat, he was on private property; and the police did not actually catch him driving drunk.  Can my friend be arrested in my house simply because he had too many beers?
  • When Officer Rolfe showed up, suddenly a breathalyzer is needed.  I do not see any videos on TV showing that Rolfe looks at the analyzer and says, “Oh look, you blew a 0.1, I wanna see hands”.  What he does say is, “I think you are intoxicated”.  Now, I hear all the news stations saying, “autopsy confirms cause of death is two bullet shots”.  Well, why do they not confirm “intoxication” by autopsy?  I think you can determine that by autopsy, can you not?
  • Next, is it worth it to shoot a guy because he was sleeping in his car?  The incident started out innocently enough.  It seems that when Rolfe shows up, suddenly the incident starts to escalate:  sobriety test, arrest, struggle, death.  If the police really had to use their weapon, since Brooks was running away, could not the police simply shoot him in the buttocks or the legs?  Was death really necessary just for sleeping in your car?
  • Finally, Atlanta has been having lots of protesting and rioting due to the George Floyd murder.  You would think that the police would be warned to be careful with escalation situations.  If an arrest was absolutely necessary, and Brooks is a big guy, why did not the officers request additional backup?  If 10 cops where there, I do not think Brooks would have had a chance, perhaps not even the desire, to struggle.

Since I used to be a college educator, I have done some research into psychology and learning deficiencies.  Some folks have disorders like ADD and impulsivity.  Looks like Brooks simply panicked, his brain was overloaded with too many details,  and did not have the maturity nor the emotional skills to handle the situation properly.  I do not think he needed to die for that.

Comments are welcome.

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