RBAC Article: Can an Oil Price Boomerang Hit Waha?

RBAC’s Senior Energy Analyst, John Collins’ latest article (attached) looks at the potential impact of a rebound of crude oil prices on the natural gas market using RBAC’s GPCM® Natural Gas Market Forecasting System™.

From the article:

“As of June 8th, prompt month settlement prices are just below $40/Bbl, and the forward curve is holding steady at approximately $40/Bbl through the end of 2022. At these prices, not very many oil-focused locations in North America are profitable enough to warrant drilling new wells, but a $10 increase in the oil price to $50/Bbl would likely be attractive enough for upstream companies to drill in the Permian, while a price of $55 and $60 could attract investment in the Bakken and Eagle Ford respectively.

You can also find the article on our website at:


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