Commentary: Removal Of Confederate Monuments

With each passing day, the actions of my government are embarrassing me to tears.  The waves of ignorance are rolling endlessly with laws banning the confederate flag and the removal of confederate monuments.  Actions like these are simply putting a band-aid on a bullet wound.  It is not the exterior we need to fix, it is the interior.

This picture is of the facade of the Montejo Palace in Merida, Mexico.  I visited this spot in the summer of 1988.  It depicts Spaniards standing on the heads of Native Americans, Mayas.  I have never heard of the indigenous people in Mexico wanting artwork of this type removed.  It is still there as far as I know.

My background and genetics are 100% from Mexico – 2nd generation.  Mexico claims to be an indigenous nation, the only Spanish speaking nation that I know of that does this.  Being called an “Indian” in Mexico is a compliment.  My understanding is that this is an insult in the rest of Latin America.

Mexico is a complete mixture of various races – from black to completely Caucasian.  Race just does not matter to Mexicans.  During my college years, I met folks from Mexico who where 1st generation Germans – they spoke perfect English, Spanish, and German.  We had no issues at all.

Mexico has decided not to play along with the “politically correct” narrative.  I am so glad.  Mexico still has its historical artifacts.  We are losing our history – and culture.  Let us forget about the outside, and start changing the inside.  History is history and we are not going to change anything by locking it up in a closet.

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