Article From OspreyData: 4 Starting Points For Success In A Digital Transformation

Moving to a digital oilfield is a critical enabler for producers in oil and gas. A critical focus is now on reducing operating costs, increasing employee productivity, and improving the ability to make informed and timely data-based decisions. For most oil and gas companies, the goal is clear, but the “how” of the digital transition is the challenge. We’ll share some suggestions for success to accomplish this digital transformation, based on what we have seen from organizations along their digital transformation.

Be Incremental

  • Understand that change is incremental. Determine what quickly provides value to your team(s). Is there something that provides lift to your operations? For instance, how would improving operational visibility effect and be applied to a field or lift types? By being incremental, you often get acceleration as success becomes infectious. Building successes give teams confidence to tackle more complex issues and challenges

Be Consistent

  • During a transition, It’s easy to fall back into “old” practices. Keep moving forward with your efforts for transition. It will become easier as your teams become dependent on your improvements. In the moment, it’s easy to lose sight, but changing patterns takes time and consistent focus. If the new processes aren’t achieving required results, tweak the process – don’t stop it.

Be Specific

  • Identify a specific target or goal that you are incrementally improving. Be as detailed as you can and communicate to all involved teams. Use information created by your transformation to drive better and more timely decisions.

Be Different

  • It should be encouraged to discuss ideas that are outside the box. Maybe teams can collaborate, even if they have not done so historically.

At OspreyData, thinking differently resulted in us examining the steps that producers take for a digital transformation. We think that the de facto process of collecting, measuring, and improving data creates barriers to success.

We believe that this improves on the process and accelerates the path to achieving results and providing institutional value. Unified Monitoring provides the technology platform that enables your changing business and production processes. It then uses the idea of consistent, specific, and incremental deliveries to provide continuous improvements to the production teams.

We hope that these suggestion for success in your digital transformation will be helpful to you. To learn more about the digital transformation and unified monitoring, take a look at our demo request, where you can gain access to some online demos to see our solutions at your convenience!

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