This is a followup to an previously published article:  “More Whites Are Shot To Death By Police Than Any Other Race“.  Earlier I had said that more whites are shot to death by police than any other race, but I also noted that I was missing per capita data.  Well, I just ran across some more data.

While watching CNN tonight, I saw data indicating the rate of death due to police on a racial basis.  The paper was published in 2019 by the academic research society  PNAS (  The paper “Risk of being killed by police use of force in the United States by age, race–ethnicity, and sex” is written by Frank Edwards, Rutgers University; Hedwig Lee, Washington University in St. Louis; Michael Esposito, University of Michigan.  It can be downloaded here:

risk killed police

As I suspected, blacks are killed by police at a higher rate.  However, I still maintain that the protests regarding the murder of George Floyd are not based on race.  The cameras show that all races are represented. Take a good look at these rates.  Yes, the black numbers are high, but the white numbers are not insignificant.  Rather, the only numbers that appear insignificant are those for women – across the board.

Nope.  We are all sick of the speed traps, the road blocks and check points, “do I have permission to search your car”, “you are not under arrest, these handcuffs are for my protection and yours”, “tilt your head back and recite the alphabet in reverse from Z to A”, Waco, Ruby Ridge, etc.

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