More Whites Are Shot To Death By Police Than Any Other Racial Group

After watching the protests on TV regarding the George Lloyd death, I realized quickly that this movement is not about race.  The TV cameras show clearly that all races are included.  The networks harp over and over that the event in Minneapolis is about police brutality on blacks.  I do not think that the whites who are marching in our streets necessarily feel exactly like that.

Statistic: Number of people shot to death by the police in the United States from 2017 to 2020, by race | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

Here is a graphic that I found online.  Whites are shot more by police than any other group.  I am glad to see that the Hispanic number is low.  Now, I have not checked the per capita rate but I assume that the rate is higher for minorities.  Nevertheless, I feel that the multiracial mix of the protestors shows that we are all in fear.



  1. Dear sir i hope you take the time to do your research next time. Blacks are LESS likely to get shot during an encounter. Compare oranges to oranges and this entire narrative collapses like the evil house of cards it is. Blacks commit a third of all homicides despite the perpetrating demographic being 6% of the population and half of all violent crime. FBI crime statistics and the National Victimization Survey both agree, even when controlled by race of both victim and offender.
    Blacks are 25% less likely to get shot for an encounter with the police.


    1. Hi John. The data I published was from Statistica. I think, a pretty reliable source. However, please send me some data, and I will be glad to publish it. It is hard for me to sift through all the CR4P. There is so much disinformation. It is hard. Send me a graph or an article, and I will be happy to host your information. Thanks.


  2. Part of the issue with these sorts of metrics is that all they look at is race and that is a terribly flawed method as each incident was a separate event involving a individual whose actions may or may not have justified the use of lethal force.

    The rate of crime within each demographic especially violent gun and other crimes that create situations where a police shooting is more likely is also a highly relevant factor.

    Removing the instances where lethal force was clearly justified leaving us with only those that were under debatable circumstances or clearly unjustified circumstances would also help although “debatable circumstances” so perhaps clearly unjustified circumstances would give us at least a starting point.

    Then perhaps we should look at how many Cops are killed by criminals per year as that would give us a indication how often lethal force could or even SHOULD have been used.

    Finally we have to accept that no matter how hard we try the fact remains that no system is ever going to be perfect so a few instances are always going to happen be they due to racist or bad policing or simply due to a officer panicking.


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