Press Release From SpaceCom, June 3, 2020

SpaceCom — the Space Commerce Conference and Exposition

Important Announcement regarding SpaceCom 2020

The historic events of this past weekend launched a new era in spaceflight. It demonstrated the value of public-private partnerships and the evolving opportunities in commercial space. Congratulations to NASA and SpaceX on their exciting achievement! We look forward to continuing to build off this momentum.

While we celebrate this unprecedented event, we are also aware of the evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and want to express our concern for everyone impacted by it. The virus has led the SpaceCom leadership to make the difficult decision to postpone the in-person SpaceCom 2020 event to the Fall of 2021.

This development however will not stop SpaceCom from providing the best collaborative environment for the commercial space industry in 2020 and beyond. SpaceCom is proud to announce the Virtual SpaceCom Conference and Exposition as well as SpaceCom Virtual Impact Forums, designed to “Bring SpaceCom to You”. Through these various channels SpaceCom will continue to provide a platform for the best and brightest minds within the commercial space industry to network, learn and grow their businesses.

Plans for the Virtual SpaceCom Conference and Exposition will be unveiled soon. SpaceCom is the principal gathering place for continuing education, networking, and business development in the commercial space industry. SpaceCom brings together industry titans, renowned educators, and pioneering innovators into one unparalleled event. The Virtual SpaceCom Conference and Exposition will continue its commitment to serving the commercial space industry, creating the best possible business environment for attendees and exhibitors.

The SpaceCom Virtual Impact Forums, designed to “Bring SpaceCom to You”, are targeted, impactful meetings held throughout the year to continue to engage communities and support our partners.

  • Global Spaceport Summit: For the remainder of this year, SpaceCom will continue to host regular conference calls with Global Spaceport Alliance (GSA) members culminating in a special three-day virtual forum for GSA members-only.
  • SpaceCom Entrepreneur Summit: SpaceCom will transform its world-renowned Entrepreneur Challenge into a series of events culminating with a virtual set of pitches from the winners and an award ceremony.
  • SpaceCom International Commercial Space Summit: This virtual event will focus on exchanging ideas, partnering opportunities, and exploring NASA’s Artemis, Gateway and cislunar goals with participants including country representatives, key NASA, DOE, DOC and FAA executives and certain aerospace contractors.

Even though the annual in-person SpaceCom is postponed until 2021, the Virtual SpaceCom Conference and Exposition and Virtual Impact Forums will keep you connected to the innovation and excitement of the commercial space industry.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Ad Astra,


James Causey
Executive Director

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