Commentary: Trump and “Domination”

Have you ever made a mistake in your life, an opportunity to move things forward and make things better, and you blew it?  I mean, an opportunity to lend a helping hand, or say a kind word to someone that needs it, or even stand to support someone that needs your moral support?


After the event has passed, have you ever sat at home watching TV, and suddenly that memory comes crashing back in, against your will; perhaps some 20 years later?  You try to push it out of your mind; but it keeps coming back, 1 or 2 years later.  When I have those moments, I say to myself, “just give me another chance, and this time I won’t blow it”.

This time of protesting was President Trump’s call to GLORY.    He is a tough president and I like that:  tough with China, tough with N. Korea, tough with Iran, tough on immigration, etc.  However, this present time was Trump’s chance to be a real president – a proponent of solidarity, a president for everybody.  But, instead, he is pushing for the US military to dominate the streets.  Will he ever get flash backs of this time period, and the precious opportunity that he has lost?

I would like to make a proposal.  Trump was recently impeached.  For 3+ years, he has gone through H3LL.  This is what i will learn from this:  do not let pain and disappointment consume you to the point of closing your eyes to love and kindness.  As Alan Parsons, the musician says, “Don’t let fire rush to your head.  Don’t say words your gonna regret”.

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