Commentary: US Riots Over George Floyd Police Murder

This is simply not about police brutality.  It is also about unemployment, stress, loss, loneliness, finances, fear, and worry.  This country has had to endure too much during this COVID-19 crises.  The people are cracking.  The Floyd murder just provided the spark to set the dry kindling ablaze that was already mounting up.


President Trump tweeted he will use unlimited police power to shut the protesters down.  I think he is making a mistake.  Rioting is WRONG, I agree; but “you attract bees with honey”.  I think the president should be more sympathetic and understanding with regard to people’s pain.  Remember, this is not a “minority thing”.  The cameras show that the movement is completely American; regardless of race, everyone is represented.

Across the board, police chiefs, mayors, etc are holding the line of promoting an “iron fist” solution to this problem.  I will tell you what will fix this problem.  Give people hope.  How?  People want jobs.  Folks want money in their pocket, a future for themselves and their kids, affordable college, barbeques, baseball, football, vollyball, basketball, track meets, parties, and fun night life.  People do not want to train their replacements from Asia before they can get their 6 month severance checks.

If everyone were content with food, housing, and employment; they would be too busy to notice – they would all be too involved with their own life and problems to even watch TV.  Great philosophers in history have always maintained that the people just wish to become lawless.  I do not believe this.  It is my opinion that they are hopeless and just want to be heard.  No one is listening.  Rather than using the old “iron fist”, perhaps, a sympathetic ear would be more effective.

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