Video: Dr. Knut Wittkowski, Biostatistician At The Rockefeller University, Fired After Expounding On COVID-19

UPDATE 5/27/2020, I just found out from Dr. Wittkowski himself that I made an error in my reporting.  Here is the kind correction from Dr. Wittkowski himself:

I wasn’t fired from Rockefeller, I left about two years ago to start my own company. ASDERA develops intellectual property for disease-modifying treatments, including a medical food . . . . The video is available at the Website.

Thank you Dr. Wittkowski for your helpful input to my article.

This video has been banned on YouTube.  It has not been banned by all the big social media websites however.  Nonetheless, I doubt it will take very long for that to happen also.  Thus, I am providing it here for you now – before it is gone forever.

The video is a little mysterious.  It was uploaded this month to social networks by The Press and The Public Project.  I cannot find out any information about this group on the internet.  Dr Wittkowski is a real guy, I have found information about him.  Below is a press release, issued by The Rockefeller University.


The Rockefeller University releases statement concerning Knut Wittkowski

The opinions that have been expressed by Knut Wittkowski, discouraging social distancing in order to hasten the development of herd immunity to the novel coronavirus, do not represent the views of The Rockefeller University, its leadership, or its faculty.Wittkowski was previously employed by Rockefeller as a biostatistician. He has never held the title of professor at Rockefeller.

Dr Wittkowski makes a lot of sense, I think.  He does not say that he was fired because of his statements, but, if it is the case, I do not blame him for leaving this out of the video.  I have posted it below.  Please enjoy.


  1. Well most of what he said has been wrong. I’m curious as to what he’d say now. Definitely much worse than the flu and the weather is warm.


  2. I see what you mean. However, I have another video of two doctors from Bakersfield. They say this is the first time we have isolated healthy people. We are supposed to isolate the sick. So when we reopen, well of course you are going to get a second wave of illness. Wittkowski may have said it too but I dont remember.


  3. The career of Dr. Wittkowski is an illustrious one, it is scandalous that various media types have conspired to silence this man.


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