Commentary: Conclusion On COVID-19

First of all, I want to repeat what I have said before, “COVID-19 is a variation of the flu”.  In a few of my past posts, I have shown a chart indicating how the infection rate of a typical flu virus fluctuates with time.  I will post it again here.


In short, it goes up, and then it goes down.  The flu season starts around November, hits its peak in January or February, and by May it is all over.  But, this virus is acting very strangely.  And with all the talk on TV, experts questioning the accuracy of the pandemic data, I just feel something is amiss and very seriously wrong, Here take a look.COVID REgression.png

This is my own chart.  I modeled the trajectory of the virus by approximating with a parabola – since a bell shaped curve is a bit difficult to do.  The blue dots where used to model that trajectory.  The last green data point is May 6, 2020.

After viewing this chart, SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.  Take a good look at these numbers – the data has been going sideways since about the first week of April.  Now, I am not a PhD biologist, but I am a trained scientist; and there is a definite disconnect between the two charts above.

Knowing what I know now, I will not make any more commentaries on this pandemic.  In my eyes, the truth is plain to see.  What else is there for one to explain?

So, as Hamlet would say, “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark”.  Alternatively, we Texans say, “That dog won’t hunt”.

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