Must See Video: The Hidden Agenda Behind Covid-19 UPDATED

UPDATE 5/27/2020 – The website is no longer functioning.  It is now for sale on GoDaddy.  I do not see the video anywhere on the internet except here.

UPDATE 5/10/2020 – This video has been blocked on YouTube today, and other big social media websites.  Nevertheless, in the name of free speech, I have reposed the video here.  I did a little  fact checking on the movie.  The PhD interviewed is real and the things she talks about are reiterated on the internet.  I have not done extensive research on the subject but the issues discussed can be found on the web.  So, I feel, let us talk about it, and let people decide for themselves what they want to believe.

This is Part 1 of a full documentary called PLANDEMIC.  The video is from YouTube but you can also go to their website for the official version: .  While listening to the video, I did not hear a single thing that is contrary to what we know about science.  Particularly, we need to interact with our surroundings because the exchange of germs is just part of life, and it is that exchange that daily builds our immunity system.



  1. My thanks for this video. In the UK we’ve suffered immensely and are continuing to do so through a confused and often contradictory narrative choir. It’s becoming harder to seek alternative information, to verify that which is to be trusted. Much appreciation for posting this video here and allowing reasoned informed debate to live on.


    1. Thank you for your comment Faisel. This video was banned on YouTube. Although I was a bit hesitant, I uploaded it to my site anyway, in the name of free speech. Its only been up a few days and already has 300 + hits. The support from all viewers like you is a great comfort to me. Thanks again.


  2. Hi. Thanks for this videos. You say this is the first part of the video, how many parts does it have?

    Do you have these videos subtitled in Spanish?

    Is it possible that you send me the videos?


    1. Thanks for writing. I tried to search for this video in Spanish. But, it looks like even their main site is down: Looks like this video is being deleted everywhere on the internet except for my site. I could do the Spanish subtitles myself but the work is going to be excessive unless I can get some funding for the project. To do a great job, I estimate about 80 work hours. If I find any translations, I will let you know.


  3. Thanks for posting this. I actually downloaded the entire movie and her interview a few weeks back from YouTube. I wish more of my family would open their eyes and see the truth behind all of this – and they are conservatives! Boggles my brain.


  4. Thank you very much. It’s becoming hard to find uncontrolled piece of information anywhere. I will be following your site for more 😉


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