West Texas Intermediate Oil Crashes Below $0 On 4/20/2020 – In The Age Of COVID-19

On Monday, WTI sunk to nearly -$40/barrel.  This means that to sell a barrel of oil, the seller needs to pay the buyer to take it.  Currently, in the very early hours of 4/21/2020, the price is about $0.10.  This is the first time in history that oil has ever had a negative price.  This cannot be a surprise to world leaders.  What do they expect?


Tucker Carlson said something interesting on his show, 4/20/2020.  He said that being forced to stay home may have accelerated the spread of COVID-19.  That is, if someone in your family is sick, then you are shut in with them.  He added, this is the first time in history that people who are healthy are quarantined.  In the past, only those who were sick were quarantined.  He closes with, what can be better for disease than sunlight and fresh air?

I have to agree with him.  Who catches a cold in the summer?  I have caught colds in the summer, but because of my own negligence; for instance, working too hard and not getting enough sleep, staying at a home with no air conditioning and opening the window so my wet hair can cool me off during the night,  taking a business road trip where I conducted business in the morning and then drove from Atlanta to Houston resulting in being awake for a full 24 hours.  In Houston, that  blazing hot sun has a way of keeping sickness out of your life.

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