Trump Issues Guidelines For Opening Up America Again

This afternoon, April 16, President Trump gave the “nod” to state governors to open there economies again, in a manner they see fit.  I have not read the guidelines; but, I am a bit stupefied.  Why does Washington D.C. want to give us guidelines when we are free to operate as we see fit?  Should not each state just work up their own guidelines?  Are the government’s doctors smarter than our doctors?

Opening Up America Again Logo

I saw the news conference on TV.  The presidents COVID-19 team went through each step of the guidelines, almost like it were a mandate.  Reminds me of API standards for sizing safety relief valves.  A few years ago, API included “steam out” as one of the criteria for which to check when sizing a relief valve:  along with blocked flow, loss of power, thermal expansion, etc.  People new to relief valves were telling me, “we have to follow the guidelines, verbatim”.

My response to them was, “it is just a guideline, we were doing steam out in the 1980’s.  As the process engineer in charge, I do not need outside people to tell me how to design my process – as the chemical engineer on the job, I should know”.  By the way, even if you follow all the guidelines from here to Timbuktu, it would not matter.  If something goes wrong, regardless of how many industry standards you use, someone is going to get the blame – legally.

You can read the guidelines here:

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