COVID-19 In Montgomery County, Texas

I did a little research on the coronavirus in my area, on April 5, 2020.  Montgomery Country is the county just north of Harris County, the county where Houston is located.  The national news tells me that about 50% of the coronavirus cases are in the state of New York.  So why is Montgomery County under lockdown?

Map of Montgomery County, Texas

Here are the numbers according to the Montgomery County Public Health District.  Montgomery County has 149 confirmed coronavirus cases.  They occur mostly in areas not really populated by natural born Texans.  The areas are highly affluent due outside investment in real estate.  The areas are more or less, planned communities, that include retirement living.  These parts of Texas are known for lakes, fishing, boating, resorts, and malls.  The areas typically have an architectural theme and attract the affluent from all over the world to live in a type of paradise or Disneyland.

Here are the number of cases related to these luxury communities:

  • The Woodlands (including Spring and Splendora) – 68
  • Conroe – 31
  • Montgomery (the city) – 23
  • Kingwood (part in Montgomery Country, including Porter and New Caney) – 16

And that’s it.  The rest of the numbers and locations are trivial.  Why are areas that really do not have an epidemic under lockdown?  The government has no plan.  They are not thinking this through.

I am really scratching my head over these numbers.  Any comments are welcome.

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