Crunching The Numbers At Rice Oil And Gas HPC Conference, Feb 2 – 4

We were rolling up our sleeves and getting to work at Rice University this week.  The Rice Oil and Gas High Performance Computing Conference is in town and there are just too many good things to say about it.  I was really impressed with the people there, real leading edge technology being presented.


Here is a list of some of the topics being presented.

  • Applying deep learning to computational fluid dynamics
  • Using HPC on drilling data
  • Large scale seismic processing in public cloud
  • Computing clusters
  • Massive data transfer
  • Accelerated GPU computing


This subject is so complicated that I just do not know how to present it to you.  What I came away with as important are things like monstrous computing power, cloud security, hardened operating systems, artificial intelligence, thermodynamic modeling of complex ionic systems, computational fluid dynamics and more.


This conference comes around every year.  Please visit their website:


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