Soccer: Houston Dynamo Finish In Stalemate With LA Galaxy, 2/29/2020

The Houston Dynamos played the LA Galaxy last Saturday at BBVA Stadium in Houston.  The game was well attended – from what I could see, it was nearly at full capacity.  The two teams appeared to be evenly matched.


All the scoring came in the first half of the game.  The Galaxy, Cristian Pavon, scored first and really set the crowd off.  The disappointment in the stadium was something you could feel on your skin.


However, Houston rallied right back with a score of their own by Mauro Manotas.  It felt for a moment that Houston might dominate at this point, but no.  The teams went into the locker rooms at halftime tied at one all.


The two teams were really very much equally matched.  No one caved in and neither could dominate the other.  After the first two goals were scored, the game was simply a stalemate.


These games are a lot of fun at BBVA stadium.  The next home game is March 14, against the Seattle Sounders.  Go to the Dynamo website for more information:



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