Circor Exhibits Omni-Directional Pig Signaller At Pipeline Pigging And Integrity Management Conference

When I saw this product at the PPIM conference this week, I thought it was really cool.  The Omni-Directional Pig Signaller lets you know when the pig has reached your location.  The main way it notifies you is by visual signal, the orange flap in the picture.


I read the cut sheet on this item and here is what it can do.

  1. Act as a visual signaller
  2. The item on the right in the picture is adapted with with an electrical signal, so it can simply send an electrical signal to a control panel
  3. It can do both, send out an electrical signal and also give you a visual signal

Circor has lots of interesting products.  I am going to keep an eye on what products they roll out.

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