Commentary: Trump Impeachment In The Rear View Mirror

The Trump Impeachment is now behind us.  I stop and think, “what is in the future”?  It is obvious that the impeachment process is political, not legal.  Also clear is that impeachment is a political weapon.  A person can be impeached for a reason, or for no reason.  I think we will go through this again, soon.

The next time it happens, I am afraid I will be so disgusted with it that I will just say, “oh boy, here we go again”.  A scary thought is, if this process becomes so over used, that it will become a badge of merit.  I mean, a president will be considered a “do nothing” president unless he does get impeached.  Impeachment will be a sign that you are out there shacking up the bushes.

Scandal is a bad thing.   When there is a scandal in the clergy, people lose faith.  Scandal in politics has the same effect.  I do not believe I will recover from this recent scandal.  I also do not think that the American people will either.  It is all a big joke.

The Trump impeachment was such a farce, I really wish the Republicans had let it go through the House and the Senate at lightning speed.  We already know the end result, just get it over with.  But oh no, they all had to get in their great oratory and time on Fox News.

There was a time when I did watch C-SPAN.  I used to see congressmen speaking in the chamber, with no one there – usually around 6pm on a Friday.  Friends told me this was done because, although no one heard it, it did go down in the record.  I hope the Republicans are happy, they all got themselves down on the record.

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