Basketball: Old Dominion Dominates Rice, 73 -70

Rice University played Old Dominion on Feb 13, 2020 at Tudor Fieldhouse.  I really thought Rice was going to pull this one off, but no.  Although Rice has been on a winning streak, Old Dominion just barely slipped by them.


Things started off well enough.  Rice led throughout the first half and went into the locker rooms at the half leading 35 – 30.  Nothing notable in the first half, just straight up basketball.


Apparently, Rice did not expect Old Dominion head coach Jeff Jones to give his players ,what is, I strongly suspect, a real tongue lashing during halftime.  Jeff Jones is a very visible and fiery personality on court.  Old Dominion came out in the second half like a raging bull.


Throughout the second half, Old Dominion kept Rice at about a 10 point distance.  This was secured by plenty of excellent 3 point shots.  In the final seconds, it looked like Rice might come back with a last second 3 point attempt; but it was not to be.  Old Dominion wins the game.


Next up for Rice is the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.  The game will be played at Rice University, Tudor Fieldhouse. at 2pm.  You need to be there because this team looks like it will develop well for the 2021 season.



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