Rice Basketball Devours North Texas, 84 – 75

Rice University played North Texas on February 1, 2020.  The game was played at Tudor Fieldhouse.  It was a beautiful day to be out and around.  Although, I-45 was jammed with crashes and the weather was a little chilly, about 64 F.


The Owls came out strong in the first half.  At halftime, the score was Rice 44, North Texas 34.  Rice looked strong but things changed over halftime.  I guess North Texas got a real good pep talk in the locker room.


North Texas came out with guns blazing for the second half.  They were getting some pretty good 3 point shots in.  Their entire demeanor looked different.  However, Rice rallied, stealing lots of passes in mid-flight, then catapulting the ball all the way down the court to a waiting Rice player.  The Owls also piled on lots of 3 point shots towards the end of the game.  This combination just took the wind right out of North Texas’ sails.  Rice pulls off the victory


The next Rice basketball home game is February 13, at 7pm.  Although Rice appears to be next to last in their conference, this was a big win for them.  From what I can tell, North Texas was #2 until this lost.  Let see what happens to their standings.  Hope to see you Feb 13 at Tudor Fieldhouse. Meanwhile, please enjoy more pictures down below.



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